Bitcoin & Monero News

Bitcoin is the digital gold, the store of value, the amount of bitcoin that ever will be mined is fixed at 21 million, currently about 18.5 million have been mined, the amount of FIAT currency in circulation like the Dollar and the Euro will keep going up as central banks like the FED & the ECB like to print more money to finance government debt and to stimulate the economy

So it is a fixed amount of bitcoin versus an unlimited amount of FIAT currency , this should lead to deflation of Bitcoin and so far it has been a steep deflationary ride for Bitcoin.

“Digital gold and digital silver”

Monero is being used more and more on Darkweb marketplaces, there are even marketplaces now that that one can visit using the TOR browser that only accept Monero as payment, Monero is digital silver to Bitcoin digital gold

Bitcoin is the most decentralized crypto currency, it has the largest amount of full nodes and miners that process the transactions. It is also the first crypto currency. A drawback of bitcoin is that transactions can be followed from bitcoin address (account) to bitcoin address. This does not mean, that a user is not anonymous, however once a bitcoin address can be coupled to an identity, like when one buys or sells bitcoin at a marketplace, then one loses it’s anonymity. Monero mixes all the transaction and therefore Monero is way more anonymous that bitcoin, also unlike other privacy crypto coins like Zcash and Dash, privacy features in Monero are turned on by default and can not be turned of, that is why Moner is the digital silver IMO. Silver used to be used as actual money, way more then gold. So bitcoin is the digital gold and Monero is the digital Silver